peaks, peaking, peaked
1) N-COUNT: usu sing, usu with supp The peak of a process or an activity is the point at which it is at its strongest, most successful, or most fully developed.

The party's membership has fallen from a peak of fifty-thousand after the Second World War...

The bomb went off in a concrete dustbin at the peak of the morning rush hour.

...a flourishing career that was at its peak at the time of his death...

Economies have peaks and troughs.

2) VERB When something peaks, it reaches its highest value or its highest level.

[V at n] Temperatures have peaked at over thirty degrees Celsius...

[V at n] The crisis peaked in July 1974...

His career peaked during the 1970's.

3) ADJ: ADJ n The peak level or value of something is its highest level or value.

Calls cost 36p (cheap rate) and 48p (peak rate) per minute...

We bought it at the wrong time and paid the peak price.

4) ADJ: ADJ n Peak times are the times when there is most demand for something or most use of something.
See also peak time

It's always crowded at peak times...

During peak periods, reservations are difficult to make at some of the hotels.

5) N-COUNT A peak is a mountain or the top of a mountain.

...the snow-covered peaks.

6) N-COUNT The peak of a cap is the part at the front that sticks out above your eyes.

The man touched the peak of his cap.

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